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We find it valuable to tell you what is expected of you as an employee, so you know what to expect, and know what to strive for.  

The following are the attributes that will make you valuable. Your success working here is based on these four things:
  • Your skill set

  • The tools you own

  • Safety in the workplace

  • Are you trustworthy and dependable


In addition to the attributes, there are some core principles Salmon HVAC values:

  • Act instead of being acted on. Attitude is everything.

  • Be Aware- Use your head and be alert of all possible dangers.

  • Practice your craft. Quality work- Don't be a scab.

  • Be efficient, effective, and innovative

  • Learn, grow, and help others do the same.

  • Build lifelong relationships.

  • Communication.

Salmon HVAC provides great benefits. Including competitive pay, holiday & vacation pay, 401K, dental, vision, and health insurance benefits.

Come work with us!

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